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Welcome to The Hambrick Foundation!

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

We're proud to support those who support our children.

Allow us to introduce ourselves! We are The Hambrick Foundation (THF) and we are happy to do all we can to positively impact the lives of special needs children and their families. We do this by providing grants, scholarships and recognition to amazing special needs educators who go above and beyond for these kids, but don't always receive proper recognition for all they do.

THF was founded by Bobby Hambrick, a father who learned very quickly it does, indeed, take a village to raise a child. This sentiment hit home especially hard when it came to trusting the care of his special needs son, Truman, to others. Truman, his peers and the educators who have helped along the way are the inspiration behind THF.

"The teachers who dedicate their lives to children with special needs deserve to be able to focus on the kids and to not have to stress about how to find the means to do so," Hambrick said. "These kids deserve the best and The Hambrick Foundation will help to ensure they are given the best possible chance to thrive."

If you'd like to help support our mission, click the donate button anywhere on our website.


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