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Special needs child with father


The Hambrick Foundation gives back to those who dedicate their lives to serving children in the special needs community.

As a father to a child with special needs, THF founder Bobby Hambrick relies on the love, support and care provided by special needs educators. His son, Truman, is a true source of light, love and happiness. Truman works daily to overcome struggles he faces because of his diagnoses of Microcephaly, Lissencephaly and Limb-Girdle Muscular Dystrophy. 

Bobby has learned that the struggle of raising a special needs child is real. Finding ways to increase the quality of life for children like Truman is always a priority and is entirely dependent on those who surround them. Family, friends, doctors and teachers make a significant impact on the quality of life of a special needs child as well as their parents. THF is happy to help support these amazing people!

How we give back 

The Hambrick Foundation recognizes the angels who dedicate their lives to serve and teach the special needs community. We give back to these individuals by providing:

Happy Girl


We offer grants to support educators in special needs environments. All too often these educators reach into their own pockets in order to provide better educational tools in their classrooms. With these grants we can provide tools needed to help our kids thrive. 

Students Studying in Classroom


It takes a special person to dedicate their life to helping children with special needs. We'd like to return the favor and support these individuals by providing an annual scholarship to help offset the burden of educational costs. 

Art Gallery Opening


Serving the special needs community can be challenging but very rewarding. We're proud to recognize individuals (nominated by their peers) for outstanding commitment to their craft and for improving the lives of the families they serve. 

Stay tuned for more information regarding these gifts and how you can nominate an educator. 

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