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Special needs students to learn social and cooking skills with funds from a THF grant.

Amy Smith, a special needs educator at Central Intermediate School in Washington, Illinois will use funds from a THF grant to help teach her students manners, etiquette and cooking skills.

"Cooking with integrating social skills is an area of our curriculum that I'm interested in developing further," Smith wrote in her application. "We have a need to incorporate other elective options for our students in special education."

Smith added that her students are often in social situations where manners and etiquette are a needed skill.

Grant funds will be used to purchase relevant cooking needs including cook books, measuring cups, various kitchen utensils and small appliances like a microwave, a toaster oven and an electric skillet.

Students will have the opportunity to make recipes that interest them, working independently and in small groups. Social skills and manners will be taught along the way.

"My goal is to teach students how to read recipes, measure ingredients and learn some independence through simple cooking lessons," Smith said. "I will measure our success by feedback from our students, parents and administrators."

Smith plans to integrate this curriculum in the fall of 2023.


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