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Special needs teacher to use THF grant funds to start classroom business

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Faculty at Lincoln Elementary School in Morton, Ill. will soon be able to support the Mane Event, a weekly snack cart run by special needs teacher Bethany Scroggs and her students.

"We are so honored to receive a grant from The Hambrick Foundation," Scroggs said. "The Mane Event is our snack shop on a cart that will be open on Fridays and will provide my students with an exciting way to serve others while learning in the process."

Students will help to take, prepare and deliver orders to staff members and will learn budgeting skills, how to make change and the process of working towards a goal as a team along the way.

"We will utilize our tips and some of the proceeds to let our students purchase some exciting new materials for our classroom while practicing delayed gratification," Scroggs added. "We are full of gratitude and excited to see this investment in our students reap sweet rewards!"

Learn more about how you can help support our mission to recognize amazing teachers like Scroggs on our website.


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