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Life skills program to expand with help from a THF grant

Glenwood Middle School teacher Lisa Bostrom has created projects to ensure her students are prepared for life outside of the classroom and the team at THF is proud to support her efforts.

Bostrom's will use grant funds to expand programs for her life skills students.

Through her structured vocational life skills program at the Chatham, Illinois-based school, Bostrom provides instruction to students who are learning job training, independent living skills and functional academics.

"Students in the program are preparing for life not only after middle school but high school and beyond," she wrote in her THF grant application. "We are beginning at this age to build their transition plans and have the focus on job training, independent living skills and peer and social interactions."

Bostrom works with her students on classroom projects to help teach these skills and build confidence. She will use THF grant funds to purchase materials for programs like breakfast buddies and peer parties, as well as to expand her students' coffee and cotton candy businesses.

"Students will be fulfilling weekly coffee orders, producing, packaging, displaying and selling cotton candy," she said. "They will take inventory, planning and shopping for supplies. They will partner with their peers and educators within their community, building on their independence and social skills."

Materials will also be purchased to allow for modifications to PE equipment. Students will have their sensory needs met with a variety of sensory tools integrated into their environment.

"Building on the social interactions and inclusion of the students in this class not only helps the students within the room but helps the students outside the room have a greater understanding and compassion."

Bostrom plans to measure success through the students IEP goals, student and parent surveys and school community engagement.

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