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Literacy program brings the joy of reading to special needs students

Allison Malcom recently implemented a new guided reading system for her special education resource students at Washington Central Primary School in Washington, Illinois, and she said "the students love the books!"

Malcom received a THF grant in May and used the funds to purchase Literacy Footprints, a comprehensive literacy program that provides 130 titles, online professional development opportunities with skilled literacy consultants, video tutorials, printable resources and a student tracking system to facilitate instruction. She chose this program in order to "provide lessons that supports students as they build a strong literacy processing system."

"The Literacy Footprints curriculum was created by teachers for teachers," she added. "The creators and I share the same goal, 'We want all students to become proficient readers who can’t wait to read another book!'"

The program was received at the start of the school year and students Malcom has made sure it is available to the school's entire special education department, which serves approximately 130 students.

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